Mind - Management Philosophy

"Value to Create/Activate" accelerate people's growing.

"Value to Create/Activate" build the stability and relief of the future.

The company makes efforts that each member could "create" the better with their characteristics based on the mind above.

Also, that is the meaning of the company.

Profile - Company's Outline

Company Name
Aisaku co. Ltd
Company Representative
Shoichi Sudo
Hirokute-cho 7-7, Toyota, Aichi, Japan
Capital Fund
60,960K Yen
June, 1946
Number of Employee
62 members

Profile - Business Development

June, 1946 "Aichi Chiseling-Spring Industrial Factory" was established in Toyota, Aichi.
Manufacturing and repairing pumps was the main work.

"Aisaku Ironworks co. Ltd." was established with the expansion of the business.
The production of factory-related-equipment and labor-saving machine related to press-line was started.

Press-Automation Line was completed by developing of material supply equipment, sheet loader/unloader,
parts reversing equipment and etc.for large tandem press line.Also, manufacturing sales was started.

The company name was renamed to "Aisaku Ironworks co. Ltd.".
Service department and Electrical Control department were separated and "Seiwa Industry Ltd." and "Automa Precision Machinery" were established.

Office computer was installed to device the management department system.Also, factories for large machine assemble, control equipment assemble, small device and robot assemble and technical department building
were rebuilt due to the business expansion.

The latest office computer, personal computer, word-processor, NC (Numerically Control) machine and etc.
were started to be installed due to devise to office automation of technical and management department and factory automation of production department.

The company name was renamed to "Aisaku co. Ltd.".
October, 1990
Office building "Technical Center" was established.
September, 1993
Large-size machine assemble factory was established.
March, 1994
Special link press was started to manufacture.